Xander Duell is a Brooklyn-based recording artist, composer and performer. After lead roles in bands Inouk and Ambulance LTD, he has released one record as a solo artist (Experimental Tape No.2, Vol 1, Mexican Summer 2011); its follow up, Wade Laiste, is due this winter on Ingrid Records. Films he has scored includeSmall, Beautifully Moving Parts, which won Best American Independent Film at the 2012 River Run Int’l Film Festival and the Alfred P. Sloan prize at the Hamptons Int’l Film Festival. His many theater credits include work with Poor Dog Group and Early Morning Opera, his compositions for which have been performed all over the world and featured in the Whitney Museum in New York.

  • Pandæmonium
  • A Suicide Bombing by Invitation Only
  • Lunacy Commission
  • [Psycho][Cosmo][Nautics]