Mikaal Sulaiman is a sound designer/composer. He began his artistic career as an actor receiving his BFA from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and later studying the Jacque Lecoq approach to physical theatre at the London International School of Performing Arts under the tutelage of Thomas Prattki and Amy Russell. Post the Lecoq program, Mikaal began to work heavily with Pig Iron Theatre Co. as well as great directors such as Raelle Myrick-Hodges (Raisin in the Sun, Playmakers), Aaron Posner (The Tempest, The Folger), Rachel Chavkin (Mission Drift, Edinburgh Fringe Festival), Geoff Sobelle (Chicken, Live Arts Festival), among others. During his time as a performer he was also cultivating his skill-set as a sound designer and audio engineer. Mikaal has sound designed for notable companies such as Early Morning Opera (Holoscenes), Ars Nova (Underground Railroad Game), CalShakes (Fences), Pig Iron (Zero Cost House) among others. As an audio engineer he has worked in such places as Stockholm, Sweden and several cities in the United Kingdom. Most notably his audio engineering skills were called upon by Le-vi, a Berlin based sound company, to help asses a reverberation issue with the public address system at the Harem Mosque in Saudi Arabia. Currently residing in Los Angeles, he sound designs for film and advertising for companies such as The Weinstein Co., CBS, Hulu, College Humor, and others. As well as continuing to collaborate in theatre, dance, and art installations. salaam.

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